Bar Operations 2005 Support

Tau Gamma Phi stops LRT Line 1 operations. This is indeed a sight to see. The last Sunday of the Bar Operations is the most momentous event for every law student in the Philippines and should every Triskelion as well. A LRT train bound for Baclaran made a full stop when it paralleled with the TOL Bar Site in front of BPI Bank Vito Cruz Corner Taft Avenue at around 2:46 p.m. Every Triskelion in the bar site and even the passengers of the aforementioned train was stunned and expected it was a mechanical problem, when suddenly the window of the LRT Operator opened and the CAPTAIN of the LRT himself had waived his right hand as if he signaling the TRISKELION handshake to each Triskrelion in the bar site. This made all our brothers and sisters roared out load “ARRIVA, ARRIVA, ARRIVA TAU GAMMA”. The incident caught the attention of the whole Bar Operations that caused the police forces to see what was happening. The CAPTAIN of the LRT signaled the brods and sis that he will be joining us immediately after his shift.

The last Sunday of the 2005 Bar Examinations (September 25, 2005) was the most highlighted moment for the said examinations. Almost 500 hundred Triskelions went to the TOL Bar Site and joined the festivities. It was a time for each brothers and sisters to catch up with each other and enjoy each others company.

The Bar Operations is indeed a festive event wherein Law Schools, Law Student Organizations, Law Faternities and Sororities, Law Professors, Academic Organizations, relatives and law students, all over the Philippines had joined the festivities.

As we the Triskelion Order of Law make our way through the legal academe and profession, we carry the name of our dear FRATERNITY/SORORITY on our shoulders with pride and honor. Our success is the whole Fraternity’s success. For and in behalf of TOL I would like to express my gratitude to University of Sto. Tomas Chapter, TAU / Triskelion Alumni of Ust, MMRC, TOP, CATS, DLSU Chapter, EAC Chapter, TIP Chapter, TUP Chapter, PUP Chapter, SLU Chapter, TAU GAMMA PHI 5th District of Manila, Manila Council, Quezon City Council, Pasay Council, Las Piñas Council, Government Triskelion Professionals, Triskelion Order of Business, Triskelion Order of Medicine, MAKATAO, Bro. Eric Concepcion (UPLB), Bro. Dennis Lanzanas, Bro. Niño Lajara and the Laguna Council, PSBA QC / Manila Chapter, Atty. Bernard Masilang, CEBU Provincial Council, De Ocampo Chapter, EARIST Chapter, Bro. Boying Sudla, Bro. Dodong Encanto, Bicol Provincial Council, UDMC Chapter, SSC Chapter, CEU Chapter, TRILEG / Triskelion Law Enforcement Group, the ICC, to our brothers and sisters abroad and their respective chapters, and to those I had failed to mention, you know who you are and we also extend our gratitude for your support.

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